About UsEllis Hendrix



Yeah it’s a dirty job – but someone needs to do it. Every day  there is a homeowner taking a scrub brush and bucket of bleach, vigorously scrubbing away at their trash can – We knew there had to be a better way. While performing the cleaning, the contaminated water runs down the street (and subsequently into the storm drains) – we knew that there was a need for an easier solution.

European inspiration. Such is the case with how One Clean Can began. Until we started researching solutions to the problem – we had no idea that trash can cleaning was an incredibly booming service in Europe. Health hazard studies on roll-away trash cans (called wheelie-bins in UK) and the desire to keep homes germ-free created literally an industry. But would it work here?

Are we crazy for seeing a need?

One Clean Can is Born. We not only clean cans and dumpsters but, we also specialize in pressure washing those greasy and moss built up driveways.   We polled over 400 customers for this service.  The response was overwhelmingly positive!

After building a custom truck with the ability to reclaim all the dirty water (saving our streams!), we rolled out and have never looked back.