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Commercial Cleaning Services

One Clean Can will restore the sweet smell of success to your business – no matter how large or small.

Schools, Restaurants, retailers, HOAs and condominium & apartment communities each have their own unique cleaning needs. We will come directly to your building, community, dock or driveway, where our trained technicians leave your cans sanitized, odor-free and sparkling like new again. Plus, our trucks utilize a completely self-contained cleaning system, so there’s no mess left behind or any filthy water to dispose of on your property. We properly dispose of all waste water at a local treatment facility.

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Schools / Municipality

Studies have proven that success of recycling and composting programs are directly linked to how enjoyable and easy the process is. The number one complaint of composting programs is the smell of the bins. We can help make your initiatives a success. Ask us about our discounts for schools and municipalities.

Smelling is Believing

For trash cans, we use our self-contained hot water cleaning system, biodegradable antibacterial detergent, and fresh scented deodorizer to make your bins sparkling clean again – and there’s never a mess or dirty water left behind.

Home-Owner Associations

Oftentimes, HOA’s require homeowners to store their garbage bins inside their garage, or up close to their house. We can offer deep bulk discounts to home-owner associations to make sure those cans are clean, sanitized & deodorized! Give us a call for a free proposal.


Loading docks can easily get covered in slippery algae and oils over time. Rest assured, we have the equipment and know-how to take care of every aspect of your commercial or industrial property.


Restaurants can generate a lot of food scraps very quickly. It doesn’t take long before compost bins get smelly and nasty. Oftentimes, these are stored right outside the restaurant. Rinsing them out and letting water go down the drain can cause problems with the EPA. Let us do the dirty work!


Dumpster Cleaning

First we start by degreasing and pre-soaking the inside of the dumpster to loosen up any caked-on “nastiness”. Then we pressure wash with hot water and vacuum up all the dirty, waste water for proper disposal. Finally, an eco-friendly deodorizer and sanitizer eliminates all odor and bacteria.