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Residential Trash Can Cleaning

You can put a pink bow on it, but it’s still trash. It’s gonna make your trash bins grimy, germy, dirty and smelly. Time to call One Clean Can!

We have the right service plan for keeping your roll-away trash, recycling and compost bins clean, sanitized and deodorized. We offer wash plans on a quarterly, monthly and bi-weekly basis to best fit your budget and needs.

To make things extra easy and convenient, our One Clean Can truck comes on your regular trash collection day. All you have to do is leave your trash, compost and recycling cans outside that day, and we’ll have them all clean, sanitized and deodorized for you by that evening. You’ll be able to store your freshly cleaned bins back into your garage without your whole garage smelly like garbage!

5 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Cans!

Protect Your Family’s Health

A health hazards study conducted on garbage cans collected every other week, found over 240 million strains of bacteria on a single swab. A toilet seat only has 500 strains! The study also found that some of the bacteria were from the same family as the Black Death plague. Scary gross!

No More Foul Odors

It’s no secret that trash cans STINK. This odor attracts rodents, raccoons, pests and other undesirables and can lead to even more problems. Wish you could store your trash cans and compost bins conveniently in your garage, but the stench fills up the whole space? Wait til’ you smell the fresh scent of your One Clean Can!


Rather than spending your precious time on the weekend, cleaning and scrubbing out your trash cans – you can have us take care of it for you and not break the bank. With our basic plans starting as low as $1.57 / week, there is a plan that will fit any budget a household may have.

It’s Easy

We come to YOU on your trash collection day. You don’t need to take any extra steps to enjoy fresh clean cans! We’ll send you a reminder the day before letting you know to expect us, and we’ll show up right after your trash collector empties them. We’ll “seal” your cans with a piece of blue tape letting you know we’ve done the dirty work for you!


Cleaning your own cans not only can be a lot of work, but letting the waste water go down into the storm drains is a big “no-no.” Our state-of-the-art trucks reclaim the dirty water, leaving no mess on the streets, protecting our streams and waterways. We also use ECO-SEAL certified degreasers and deodorizers for the stubborn stuff!